Katrina Brock

Owner, Floral Designer

Katrina Brock, AKA “The Florist Nurse,” is a born and raised Vancouverite, Registered Nurse and CFO (chief floral officer) of Brock Floral Cart. Specializing in pregnancy and postpartum care, Katrina supports women and families throughout these life-changing events.

After welcoming her son in 2017, she understands first-hand the emotional highs and lows of becoming a new mom. She learned the importance of self-care and found a passion in floral design, with dreams of one day opening her own small floral business. Encouraged by a supportive husband and her own drive, Katrina is thrilled to launch Brock Floral Cart in her beloved hometown.

A bit of history...

The cart may be new to Vancouver, but the family are no strangers to the flower business. Throwback to 1920’s England, Great Grandfather Herbert Offer and his brother Alf owned and operated several nurseries throughout the town of Rustington in West Sussex. Offering local fruits, vegetables and florals - the brothers would have been right at home at a modern-day farmer’s market. Herbert's two daughters became florists. It was Herbert's sister Florence that was a nurse. Fast forward to the present, Katrina gives the "Florist Nurse" combo a modern refresh, complete with her own cart - minus the horse ;)


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